Scenius Capital

A pioneering digital assets investment firm providing investors curated access to best-in-class crypto and blockchain technology opportunities via Portfolio Funds, co-investment, and direct investment.

Active Management is Essential for Digital Assets

Scenius’ multi-manager and multi-strategy investment approach offers investors diverse, thoughtful exposure to the world’s fastest growing asset class.

Alpha generation

The nascent digital assets ecosystem creates inefficiencies that result in arbitrage opportunities and mispriced valuations. Scenius' Portfolio Funds are uniquely positioned to identify these alpha opportunities and capture value.

Risk Management

Sophisticated digital asset investment firms have robust operational infrastructure and risk management procedures necessary to protect capital and minimize risks unique to the asset class.

Crypto Native

With deep industry-specific expertise, Scenius Portfolio Funds capitalize on crypto’s novel token mechanism to make assets productive. This includes staking assets, providing liquidity, and participating in DeFi (Decentralized Finance) to earn risk-mitigated yield on certain investments. 

The long tail

Bitcoin and Ethereum are the tip of the iceberg. There exists a broad universe of investable blockchain opportunities. Liquid tokens underpin protocols or companies that are revolutionizing finance, gaming, web infrastructure, and more. Scenius Portfolio Managers are skilled in identifying and capitalizing on these long-tail opportunities.

The Scenius edge

Scenius Capital bridges traditional investors and the complex, deeply technical world of digital assets. Our actively-managed portfolio is designed to capture crypto’s asymmetric return profile while protecting against the volatility and risks inherent to the asset class.


Convenient and efficient exposure to premium funds and direct investments often inaccessible to investors. Early stage opportunities via SAFT/equity investments facilitate early entry into promising projects at deep discounts.

Domain Expertise

Connectivity to thought leaders, builders, established fund managers, and emerging fund managers provides informational advantage and rich opportunity pipeline.

Institutionally focused

Thoughtful risk management, robust due diligence, active monitoring of investments, and high-quality investor experience.


Dynamically constructed portfolio of complementary strategies, varied sub-sector focus, and diverse geographies delivers superior risk-adjusted returns.

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